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Mainnet Overview


Mixin is a free, lightning-fast, peer-to-peer, cross-chain transactional network for digital assets, which enables other blockchain distributed ledgers to gain high TPS, sub-second confirmations, zero transaction fee, enhanced privacy, and limitless extensibility.


  • Launched October 2017
  • Token Supply 1 million
  • Consensus Algorithm PoS + Asynchronous BFT
  • Block Confirmation Final confirmation in less than 1 second
  • Data Storage DAG
  • Number of Full Nodes 7 at least and 50 at most
  • Mining Rules 10% coins reserved for mining pools per year.
  • Security Enhancement Trusted execution environment(TEE)
  • Cross-Chain Technology Sidechain


Multilevel Security

Decentralized network based on punitive POS. Hardware-enhanced security with TEE. Supervision of tens of thousands of light nodes to prevent full nodes from doing evil.

High Concurrency

Competency in high-frequency real-world transaction use cases. Theoretical performance close to centralized servers. Millions or even higher TPS through hardware upgrade.

Zero Fee Transactions

Zero fee Transactions. Competency in micropayment and everyday payment contexts.

Realtime Transactions

The current 35 nodes can do verification and signing of a transaction in 300 ms.


Supports for 37 chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, XMR, etc., and more than 100 thousand tokens.

Simpler Management

Effortless multi-chain asset management with one single account, future public blockchains will also be supported by default.


Support for co-management of multi-signature assets among up to 255 people. Suitability for teams and families who want to co-own a large amount of an asset, and B2C or C2C platforms who want to co-manage the fund to prevent the platform from embezzling the fund.

Transaction Privacy

Except for the parties themselves, even full nodes do not know who are the parties in a transaction, there is no way to know the identities of the parties in a transaction from the transaction itself.


The double-key structure ensures the anonymity of assets, users are free to share the view keys to accountants for taxation or audit purpose without losing the assets or their anonymity.

Friendly Ecosystem

No permission is necessary to connect to the network through REST APIs. Developers may use any language they are familiar with to achieve rapid product and service development.

Stable Network

Nodes charge a fee for each API call from DApps, so the income will not be affected by the fluctuation of XIN price, therefore sustainability and security can be guaranteed. The cost of development based on MIXIN network is predictable, pretty much like using AWS.