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Mixin Applications

Mixin Application is the application that built on top of Mixin. It is a kind of application that can be used to create, manage, and transfer assets on Mixin Network and can send and receive messages from Mixin message service.

Although Mixin Network is a decentralized network, Mixin Application could be centralized or decentralized.

Messenger Bot

In addition to providing end-to-end encrypted chat and wallet functions, Mixin Messenger also supports bot functions similar to Telegram bots and WhatsApp Buz API.

Developers can easily implement powerful bots with functions such as transactions, paid content, and e-commerce. You can search for 7000101700 in Mixin Messenger to try a variety of selected bots.

By default, every Mixin application that be created at Developers Dashboard will be a Mixin Messenger bot.


  • Production-ready: Given the authorization, the bots can obtain the user's basic information, asset list, transfer records, contact list, and other data. Developers can use the data to develop products and services.
  • Open: You can put your bots online for your users without asking anyone's permission.
  • Fair: There is no official bot market, independent developers or teams need to promote bots by themselves, and users who have a good experience will put your bots on the top of the homepage to give your bots first-level entrance!

Getting Started

Mixin API

Develop with distributed systems are always complex, therefore, interact with Kernel and Domain is a hard. To simplify the development, Mixin core team provide the Wallet APIs to developers.

With the APIs, developers can easily unleash the power of Mixin Network with their dApps. Stand-alone products such as decentralized wallets and decentralized on-chain exchanges can be quickly developed.


  • Security: Security is guaranteed by open source PoS decentralized network, TEE hardware, and full nodes supervised by tens of thousands of light nodes to prevent evil.
  • High Concurrency: One million TPS, suitability for large-scale commercial scenarios, and performance close to that of traditional centralized servers.
  • Free Zero fee transactions, competency in micropayment and everyday payment scenarios.
  • Instant Transfer It only takes 300 milliseconds to complete the verification and signature of a transaction without transaction rollback or double spending.
  • Versatility Supports for 32 chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, XMR, etc., and more than 100 thousand tokens.
  • Easy to use 6-digit password for safe management of the wallet, easy to remember, and easy to use.
  • Multi-signature Support for co-management of multi-signature assets among up to 255 people. Suitability for teams and families who want to co-own a large amount of an asset, and B2C or C2C platforms who want to co-manage the fund to prevent the platform from embezzling the fund.
  • Transaction Privacy Except for the parties themselves, even full nodes do not know who are the parties in a transaction, there is no way to know the identities of the parties in a transaction from the transaction itself.
  • Developer Friendly REST API makes it easy for developers to use any language they want to quickly implement products and services.

Getting Started

  • Official Tutorial: a tutorial on how to create a Messenger bot(bot is a kind of Mixin App).
  • Sync Snapshots: a guide on how to sync snapshots from Mixin Network.