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Mixin API Overview

Mixin Messenger is a blockchain wallet and an E2EE instant messaging software.

Messenger is provided for users, and the following APIs are provided for developers to build their products based on Messenger.

Bot Creation

Developers can manage a bot, after get the keystore of the bot in Dashborad.

The name of keystore file would be similar keystore-7000xxx.json.

There will be two free bots per developer, but you can buy more bots by paying a bit of XIN.

Join Developers Group

If you have questions or advises, please join the Mixin Developers Group, which link is

Official Website


  1. Golang SDK:
  2. Nodejs SDK:
  3. Kotlin/Java SDK:
  4. Python SDK:
  5. Ruby Demo:
  6. PHP SDK : Laravel / without Laravel
  7. C# (CSharp) SDK :

Open Source

Mixin Messenger is open-sourced in iOS, Android,PC. For more open source projects, can be found in our github

  • API Reference: An API Reference for the Mixin API layer that provides convenient access to the Mixin Message service and the Mixin Wallet service.
  • Mainnet RPC: JSON-RPC API for the mainnet.
  • JS Bridge: A JS Bridge for Mixin Messenger's WebView.
  • Schema: A schema list for Mixin Messenger.