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Submitting Asset Icons

All ERC-20, TRC-10, TRC-20, and EOS tokens can be used directly after depositing into the Mixin network, but some coins do not have an icon. Developers can contact the Mixin team to submit the icon. If you want to do this, please follow the following steps.

Token Icon Format

  • 520x520 pixels, png.
  • Must be round and the background cannot be transparent or white.
  • Clear and great brand recognition.

Getting Asset ID

  • Deposit the tokens to the Mixin wallet first, find the deposit record from the wallet and copy the transaction ID.
  • Open the Mixin block explorer, enter the transaction ID and click search.
  • Copy the link of the token name at the bottom of the transfer details and intercept the string at the end of the link, for example, if you get, then c94ac88f-4671-3976-b60a-09064f1811e8 is the asset ID.

Submitting Icon

  • Log in to your GitHub account and clone the code of project asset-profile:

    git clone

  • Switch to the asset-profile directory and create a token branch

  • Documents to be submitted

    Create a new directory in the assets directory, the name of the directory is the current asset ID, copy the icon to the directory and rename it to "icon.png", and then create a new index.json The file format is as follows :

    "asset_id": "7b55bf4e-3f37-3cfa-bca5-3d30d72ab820",
    "chain_id": "43d61dcd-e413-450d-80b8-101d5e903357",
    "cmc_id": ""

    chain_id is the public chain ID, if it is an Ethereum ERC 20 token, always set it to 43d61dcd-e413-450d-80b8-101d5e903357, and if TRON TRC-10 or TRC-20 token, always 25dabac5-056a-48ff -b9f9-f67395dc407c, for EOS tokens 6cfe566e-4aad-470b-8c9a-2fd35b49c68d, for others, refer to document.

    cmc_id If your asset is not included by coinmarketcap, just set an empty string here.

  • Application

    Submit the prepared icon and configuration file together with a brief introduction, and then click Create pull request. The Mixin development team will conduct a pre-review and then pass it to the nodes to review. If there is no problem, the icon will be deployed.

For more instructions, please refer to project homepage introduction, and also refer to other the earlier submission Record.