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Read Sessions

POST /sessions/fetch

Get the information of sessions of Mixin User, request parameter is an array of users' id.

There maybe multiple sessions per user, which have different public_key.


Only returns sessions of existed users, non-existent user would be ignored.

Endpoint URL


// array of user_ids

Example request

curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" --data '["06aed1e3-bd77-4a59-991a-5bb5ae6fbb09"]'
// public_key is in format of base64 RawURLEncoding
"data": [
"user_id": "773e5e77-4107-45c2-b648-8fc722ed77f5",
"session_id": "563e5e77-4107-45c2-b648-8fc722ed77f5",
"public_key": "YYZdUJIdI_cLINM-nO5Ol4aHiD9teT9zptlsrJIyOwA",
"platform": "Android",