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Error Codes

Only 20x and 500 will be used by Mixin API, you need to pay attention to 500 error, which may be caused by Web Server not Mixin API Server.

202400The request body can’t be pasred as valid data.
202404The endpoint is not found.
202429Too Many Requests.
20210002The request data has invalid field, retrieve detail from extra.
20210006App update required.
20220116The group chat is full.
20220117Insufficient balance.
20220120Transfer amount too small.
20220123You have created too many apps.
20220124Insufficient fee.
20220125Transfer has been paid by someone else.
20220127Withdraw amount too small.
20220131Withdrawal memo format incorret.
20220133Too many circles for the conversation.
20220134Withdraw amount too large.
20220135Withdraw fee too small.
20220150receivers contain duplicate or invalid data.
500500Internal Server Error.
5007000Blaze server error.
5007001The blaze operation timeout.