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Read Chains

GET /network/chains

The API returns the list of all public chains supported by Mixin, no permission needed.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and options

AuthorizationPublic Access
LimitationNo limitation

Example request

curl -i -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json"
"type": "chain",
"chain_id": "c6d0c728-2624-429b-8e0d-d9d19b6592fa",
"name": "Bitcoin",
"icon_url": "",
"managed_block_height": 663798, // The public chain height synchronized by Mixin.
"deposit_block_height": 663795, // The public chain height where Mixin handles the deposit.
"external_block_height": 663798, // Third party API block height.
"threshold": 3, // Deposit required comfirmations.
"withdrawal_pending_count": 1, // The amount being withdrawn.
"withdrawal_timestamp": "2020-12-31T07:17:08.061836303Z",
"withdrawal_fee": "6.75645", // Withdrawal Fee.
"is_synchronized": true // Whether the node data synchronization of the current public chain normal.