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OAuth Scope

PROFILE:READGet basic user information, such as user id, Mixin ID, name, and avatar.
ASSETS:READRead user asset list and balance.
PHONE:READRead the user's mobile phone number.
CONTACTS:READRead user contact list, block list.
MESSAGES:REPRESENTAllow bots to send messages on behalf of users.
SNAPSHOTS:READAccess user's transfer records, including deposits and reminders.
CIRCLES:READRead user's circles
CIRCLES:WRITEWrite user's circles
COLLECTIBLES:READRead user collectible list and balance.
STICKER:READRead user's stickers.


PROFILE:READ is required permissions, and others permissions are optional. It is recommended that developers only apply for necessary permissions and make proper guidance GUIs in the absence of permissions.