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Support public chain VCash

· One min read

Mixin Network now supports the 26th public chain VCash, the token ticker is VCASH, the official website is

VCash combines the characteristics of Bitcoin with Mimblewimble technology. VCash adopts Merged Mining method to mine coins alongside Bitcoin, and it possesses the same security level as Bitcoin.

asset_id: "c3b9153a-7fab-4138-a3a4-99849cadc073",
chain_id: "c3b9153a-7fab-4138-a3a4-99849cadc073",
symbol: "VCASH",
name: "VCash",
icon_url: "";;,
asset_key: "c3b9153a-7fab-4138-a3a4-99849cadc073",
reserve: "0",
confirmations: 30