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Support public chain Grin

· One min read

Mixin Network now supports the 25th public chain Grin, the token ticker is GRIN, the official website

Grin is the first open-source project which implements the MimbleWimble blockchain protocol. Grin is a cryptocurrency focused on privacy, the chain is meant to be lean and scalable. The Grin has launched without a pre-mine, ICO, and founders' rewards. Grin uses the PoW consensus algorithm, and it produces 60 Grin per minute, no max supply.

asset_id: "1351e6bd-66cf-40c1-8105-8a8fe518a222",
chain_id: "1351e6bd-66cf-40c1-8105-8a8fe518a222",
symbol: "GRIN",
name: "Grin",
icon_url: "";;,
asset_key: "1351e6bd-66cf-40c1-8105-8a8fe518a222",
reserve: "0",
confirmations: 100,