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Support public chain Akash Network

· One min read

Mixin Network now supports the 38th public chain Akash Network, the token ticker is AKT the official website is

Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud, accelerates deployment, scale, efficiency and price performance for high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI.

asset_id: "9c612618-ca59-4583-af34-be9482f5002d",
chain_id: "9c612618-ca59-4583-af34-be9482f5002d",
symbol: "AKT",
name: "Akash Network",
icon_url: "";;,
asset_key: "9c612618-ca59-4583-af34-be9482f5002d",
reserve: "0",
confirmations: 16