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Support public chain Handshake

· One min read

Mixin Network now supports the 28th public chain Handshake, the token ticker is HNS, the official website is

Handshake is a UTXO-based blockchain protocol, which aims to become a decentralized naming and certificate authority system, focusing on the registration, authentication, transaction, and resolution of DNS top-level domain (TLD).

asset_id: "13036886-6b83-4ced-8d44-9f69151587bf",
chain_id: "13036886-6b83-4ced-8d44-9f69151587bf",
symbol: "HNS",
name: "Handshake",
icon_url: " 4cXFi09BluI2BMUAmxHsoXXXRO7y4q9cqs5qAXz-XondTANQgklzKu=s128",
asset_key: "13036886-6b83-4ced-8d44-9f69151587bf",
reserve: "0",
confirmations: 16